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In 2006, after attending for two year at Virginia Montaldi´s workshop, she started Fine Arts at Instituto Santa Ana, where she specialized in painting. In 2011, she attended to Diego Gravinese`s workshop for 5 months.

Besides painting, Ana Cruz Iturrieta has a keen eye to appreciate the most valuable of contemporary art. That is why she daily shares information on the social networks, enriching everyday this passion.

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“I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious“
Albert Einstein — Physicist

“The tragic reality of today is reflected in the true plight of our spiritual existence: we are spineless and can´t stand straight.“
Ai Wewei— Artist

“Woman begin by resisting a man´s advances and ends by blocking his retreat.“
Oscar Wilde — Poet


Ana Cruz Iturrieta´s work is currently at Jacob Karpio Gallery. On the 30 anniversary at San José, Costa Rica took place her vernissage and had her exhibition transfer from the gallery to the Zephyr Palace for a week.


Since 2010 Ana Cruz Iturriesta´s work has been exhibited at Centro Cultural Recoleta, Buenos Aires; Museo Caraffa, Córdoba, Argentina; ArtBo, Colombia; Scope, Miami; USA.

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